Tuesday, January 25, 2005


Quote o' the Day

From Thomas Friedman's recent op-ed piece:
Condi Rice told the Senate that the "time for diplomacy is now." Give me a break. The time for diplomacy was two years ago.
Friedman's piece primarily concerns the true nature of the conflict in Iraq today. While the US may have originally intended that removing Saddam was about premptive removal of WMDs, about retribution for violation of UN Security Council Resolution 1441, or, as Scott McClellan hammered home in a recent White House press briefing, about simple neccessity in a post-September 11th world, the conflict has now come to be a fight between Iraqis who are willing to embrace modernity and those Muslims who refuse modernity in favor of a violent, atavistic, insular society. This interpretation explains why Iraqi insurgents have recently turned toward attacking and intimidating voting officials and potential voters.

Have you read Friedman's
Lexus and the Olive Tree?
The only book by Friedman that I've read is "From Beirut to Jerusalem."
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