Thursday, April 14, 2005


Montana County among the Fastest Growing in Nation

Golden Valley County, which was just up the road from where I grew up, is listed by the Census Bureau as the 21st fastest growing county by percent in the country in its annual press release detailing the 100 fastest growing counties.

Golden Valley accomplished this feat by adding 60 residents.

It amazes me first of all that this is Golden Valley County... second that they rate 21st for adding 60 residents. Crazy!
Ooh! Ooh! Fun with stats!

And I'm the tallest person in the room!

And I'm the funniest person on the couch!

And I'm the smartest person to ever be named Timothy Yenter!

Whoo-hoo! Hey, this is fun!
This is a funny statistic.
What has contributed to the population boom in your opinion.
I'm guessing that Lavina ( is becoming an exurb ( of Billings.
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