Tuesday, January 17, 2006


Standard New Car Warranties Compared

Manufacturer Powertrain Bumper to Bumper Hybrid Rust Through Roadside Assistance Tires
Chevrolet 3/36K 3/36K 8/100K 6/100K 3/36K 3/36K
Dodge I couldn't find the data.
Ford I couldn't find the data.
Honda 3/36K 3/36K 8/80K 3/36K 3/36K 3/36K
Hyundai 10/100K 5/60K N/A 7/unlimited 5/unlimited 5/unlimited
Kia 10/100K 5/60K N/A 5/100K 5/60K 1/12K
Nissan 5/60K 3/36K N/A none 3/36K for warranty issues none
Scion Website too annoying to use.
Subaru 5/60K 3/36K N/A 5/unlimited towing for any warranty work by manufacturer
Toyota 5/60K 3/36K 8/100K 5/unlimited none by manufacturer
There are a couple of noteworthy exceptions: Cars.com also has a page about warranties, but my research doesn't always agree with theirs.

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