Monday, February 13, 2006


Yup, It's a Yepp

About six months ago I broke down and bought a digital audio player after six months or better of looking for the correct device and price. I settled on a Samsung Yepp, specifically a YP-MT6Z, for which I paid $117 including cheap skate shipping at, refurbished. It's a 1 GB flash based player of mp3s, oggs, etc, as well as an FM receiver and mp3 encoder. In all ways but looks and naming I believe it excels similar devices on the market for value.

In general I've been very pleased with the device.

I am displeased with the device in a few ways.

I can't comment on the quality of the earbuds that come with the device as they fell victim to my bike's spokes early. Neither can I comment on the player's ability to play Windows Media files or to interoperate with any form of music service; I indemnify my bike for my ignorance in the latter, however.

All the same, I recommend the device if you're in the market for flashed based MP3/Ogg player and aren't addicted to iTunes.

As usual, it is tough to argue with your logic. Your Prius post is impressive, though of course bordering on ultra-geeky. If I didn't need a pick-up truck (and I absolutely adore my Tundra), I'd probably run out and buy a Prius tomorrow. If one could sell things with pure logic, you'd perhaps want to consider a career change.

I'm glad to hear you like your digital audio player. I however went out and got a "pretty iPod" a few months back. It's a 512 MB Shuffle, and I think it cost exactly $99.

The largest benefit I've received from it is its portability. I can run with it in my pocket and not even notice that it's there. Of course I also use it heavily for data transfers, and it works quite well as a USB mass storage device.

It's also incredibly durable. I've never had it skip or reset.

I also appreciate the convenience of the fancy, built-in rechargeable battery that receives power from the USB port on the PC.

In the end, the only two things I don't really like about the player are the lack of a display screen (but there's really no good way to have that included with this device) and the fact that I'm tied to iTunes...sort of. I'd buy it again, though I might go for the 1GB if I had it to do over.
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