Monday, March 13, 2006


In Summary

While I eagerly await the arrival of my new toy, here's a quick summary of an earlier post. The Toronto Star ran a glowing review of the Prius featuring some nice quotes.
  • That it manages to be more economical than most cars could simply be seen as icing on the cake, rather than its major selling point.
  • ...a really clever little car, and one you can derive a lot of joy from driving...
  • Thanks to the hatchback design, this hybrid is also more versatile than your average sedan...
  • And the ergonomics are at once very clever and refreshingly simple
  • ...the experience is totally Jetsons...
  • ...very few cars on the road are quite as neat to drive as the Prius
  • Indeed, in a lot of ways, even if you took the hybrid drivetrain out, it would still be a pretty innovative vehicle, with its distinctive aerodynamic styling, impressively roomy packaging, a versatile, nicely finished interior and some interesting ergonomic touches.
So, the Star liked the car. Better still is that Consumer Reports found that owning and operating a Prius is hundreds of dollars cheaper than a Corolla, which, while a competent car, is noticably inferior to the rightfully touted Prius.

Come, little Prius, come and live in our garage! We will make it a happy place for you to live and we will love you and drive you and taunt our friends with you.
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