Saturday, September 30, 2006


Onion Worthy

A number of times in this election cycle, I've heard news commentators saying that Republican candidates will be focusing on local issues because things aren't going so well at the national level between an unpopular foreign policy and a slowing economy. Apparently, that memo didn't make it Montana, where a seemingly-satirical, Onion-worthy letter to the editor appeared in the Billings Gazette, ranting that:
If [Sen. Burns] and a very few others are defeated, the Democrats will, of course, control the Senate... This will put great power in the hands of people who will, judging from past performance, use their positions to do all they can to destroy what remains of our constitutional republic.

Could this be our last chance to save our freedoms? The guns, for example, will come under heavy assault; and if the guns go, so will our remaining freedoms.

We had better re-elect Conrad Burns and, at least, help delay the disaster that would be inevitable otherwise. We could, at least, hope in the meantime for a God-given miracle, giving us a reprieve from the downfall of our once great and wonderful nation.

With tongue firmly in cheek I say, "It's America-haters like him who think we're no longer a 'great and wonderful nation.'"

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