Saturday, October 14, 2006


Memory about Storage

I remember that before serious Internet access reached the small town I grew up in, there was a sundry electronic goods store there that would mail order computer parts. For some reason, I stopped there one day and asked them about computer component prices, even though I had neither sufficient disposable income to purchase or a computer new enough to support such items. I remember being shocked that they were charging in the neighborhood of $2.50 per MB of hard drive storage, when the going rate should've been closer to $1 per MB.

I tell this "back in my day, uphill both ways" story only because I think it's wonderful that roughly 12 years later hard drive storage can be purchased at about $0.25 per GB, according to recent postings on SlickDeals. That's a 10,000 times increase in value compared to the price the local shop offered years ago, an annualized improvement of about 115%. Of course, those numbers are at least as suspect as my "through two feet of snow, barefoot" memory.

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