Tuesday, May 08, 2007


Oh, Silly Utah

Recently I've noticed that the good folks in Utah are acting a little silly.

Exhibit A: The Utah GOP recently debated whether Satan was behind illegal immigration. Turns out there was support for causation, there just wasn't a quorum.

Exhibit B: A man driving a dark red car had his license plate revoked. It read "merlot."

Exhibit C: A while back Utah created the equivalent of a do-not-call registry for children's email addresses. Other entities, including the FCC, have considered and rejected such proposals as being untenable and ineffective. Undeterred, Utah created the list, forecasting that they'd generate millions of dollars in revenue. Instead, they've reported a net loss.

Exhibit D: So you want to sell a used CD in Utah (or Florida)? I'm going to need to see some ID. And get some finger prints. Oh, and you'll have to endure a waiting period. You'll never believe that the record industry, which has seen declining sales recently, would lobby for legislation to make it more inconvenient to sell used CDs.

yeah....preview of coming attractions for some of the rest of us I am afraid.
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