Tuesday, May 08, 2007



We bought a Roomba in the recent Woot-Off. It's great. For $145, we have a vacuum that we use much more often than our much more expensive, but not that much more capable, Kirby. It's great for cleaning up the mess that our infant daughter invariably creates when she eats. Speaking of our daughter, she was terrified of the Roomba at first, but now she's on "only fleeing from it when it comes directly toward her" terms with it. Otherwise, she happily pats it as it goes past her.

My only complaint about my Roomba is that it won't clean the rug in the center of our living room, which it detects as a drop off due to its dark color.

I rather like being Jane Jetson. "Pardon me while I vacuum" *YAWN* *stretches out on the couch while Roomba does its thing*.
No, seriously, I've seen her do the Jane Jetson thing. It's funny.
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