Sunday, September 23, 2007


What's the difference: hail vs. sleet

We were hiking today and the weather turned nasty. We were set upon by frozen precipitation. We desired to name our oppressor, but we unsure of the proper nomenclature. Upon returning home, I looked up hail and sleet. According to the good folks who catalog our lexicon, the only difference between hail and sleet is in size. The former includes globular frozen precipitation larger than 5mm in diameter; the latter is 5mm and smaller.

We were oppressed by sleet today. Let me tell you, every one of those 5 millimeters hurt.

Not size, but point of origin. Hail is frozen in the clouds and warms on its way down. Sleet is liquid in the clouds and freezes on its way down. Clear in color. Also not to be confused with snow pellets or snow grains, white in color.

Also, generally speaking hail is often bigger than sleet and hail is a summer time whiile sleet is a winter phenomenon.
I say sleet and hail are the same thing the only difference is size and I should know it was my jeopardy question which I got correct. thank you very much kind person!
Your welcome kind sir.Also I agree with you sleet and hail are the same.
Um, no offense but you guys are idiots. Any cursory search of the internet shows that hail is formed in the cloud whereas sleet is formed on its way toward the ground.
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