Wednesday, February 06, 2008


Quote o' the Day

The Gallatin County Republicans held their Presidential nominating caucus at a local bar. The biggest name in attendance was Kansas Senator Sam Brownback, who was there to stump for John McCain. According to the local paper, Brownback approved of the choice of venues.
“I love the Montana style of holding this at a bar with cheap beer.”
The caucus coincided with happy hour at the bar, during which beers were $1.

On a slight unrelated note, Montanans spend the most per capita at bars. Amazingly, the average spending is nearly 5 times the national average. Combined with Montana's bar prices tending to be lower than elsewhere, well, that's a lot of drinking.

Nice. One of my old bosses often told the story of when he and a few others designed one of the company's core products over a bottle of tequila. Alcohol and big decisions -- what a great combo.
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