Saturday, November 08, 2008


Recommended: Absentee Voting

I voted absentee this year for the first time. It was fantastic.

In the past I’ve dug around, found a sample ballot, researched the issues, filled in my sample appropriately, taken the sample to the polls, waited in line, and copied from the the sample to the actual.

This year I sat down at the kitchen table with my notebook, the Google, and my actual ballot. Then I researched, filled, and mailed.

Montana lets you check a box on your absentee ballot that causes the clerk to send you an absentee ballot for all future elections. Of course, I checked it.

The only downside of voting absentee in Montana is that you can only request such a ballot in the window of 75 days before to 0.5 days before an election. Now that you too may want to vote absentee, you'll just have to wait until the next election to remember to apply.

I've only ever voted by mail. Washington is all vote-by-mail in 37 of 39 counties. It's pretty convenient. Of course I don't know why I bother; this year not a single race or measure went the way I voted.
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